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Re: 2.0.27 replicating to 2.2.15

--On Thursday, March 24, 2005 11:24 AM -0600 Curt Blank <curt@uwm.edu> wrote:

In one of your notes you said you didn't want to experience
significant downtime while updating your master.  If you have a
properly configured DB_CONFIG file for BDB, and use the quicktool
patch available from my website (posted to this list a few days ago),
you shouldn't have any significant downtime at all, unless you have a
very very large database (> 2 million or so entries).

Not familiar with quicktool, are you saying this is a utility that would allow me to more the data from my 2.0 ldbm backend to my 2.2 Berkley backend without having to do a slapcat/slapadd? That might be worth investigating, but there is data that will not load into the 2.2 server thus I need to manually edit and correct/delete the slapcat output.

Quicktool is an option to slapadd that decreases the amount of time it takes to run slapadd.

As for the 2.0 data to 2.2, some people have written perl scripts to convert their data to be acceptable for loading into 2.2, and posted stuff about that to the list previously as well... It may save you some time in finding one of those, or writing your own, rather than hand modifying the LDIF files from slapcat.


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