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2.0.27 replicating to 2.2.15

I've got a 2.0.27 server set up as Master replicating via slurp to a 2.2.15 slave server. Modifications are being replicated properly but adds are not, the new dn is not added, I see this error message:

bdb_add: entry failed schema check: no structuralObjectClass operational attribute (80)

Unfortunately I do have updatedn and rootdn set the same. I see in the 2.2 documentation that shouldn't be done but the existing environment is 2.0 and it was not a constraint there, at least according to the the 2.0 Admin Manual.

So, anyone know if making the updatedn and rootdn different will solve this problem?

And the intention is to replace the 2.0 Master with the 2.2 server as Master then the 2.2 Master will be replicating to 2.0 servers until they are upgraded to 2.2. It is being done this way as a rolling upgrade because we cannot afford the luxury of an ldap outage.