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Re: search with negation of undefined objectClass returns nothing

Charlie H wrote:


I’ve been working on a conversion of a directory to OpenLDAP. I stumbled upon some search results that I could not explain.

One of our programs searches for LDAP entries with a negation of certain object classes, so that extraneous entries are ignored. In OpenLDAP, if the passed objectClass is not defined (as a valid objectClass in the schema), it returns back nothing every time.

For example, as expected, this returns back entries without the surname xx:

$ ldapsearch -xb "o=OrgName,c=US" '(!(sn=xx))'

And this will return back entries that do not have the groupOfNames objectClass:

$ ldapsearch -xb "o=OrgName,c=US" '(!(objectClass=groupOfNames))'

But the negation of an undefined objectClass returns nothing (without any error):

$ ldapsearch -xb "o=OrgName,c=US" '(!(objectClass=xx))'

On another LDAP system (iPlanet), the last query above returns back all entries. Does OpenLDAP by design throw out the search for an objectClass value that is not defined? Could this be a configuration issue?

an undefined objectClass is treated as "undefined"; the subsequent negation of n undefined filter is still treated as "undefined". I don't see any flaw in this logic. In any case, I don't see the fact that other implementations behave differently as a valid argument. It sounds definitely like a poorly designed operation or client configuration. A quick workaround is to define that objectClass in the schema.


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