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Re: Referrals and ACL

Jochen Witte wrote:


I try to create a distributed ldap. Is it possible to bind as a user,
which is stored in a referred server, e.g.:

(Subordinate info for Server2)

(referral: ldap://Server1/)

I now want to use Server2 as "uid=user,ou=corp1,dc=foo,dc=bar" -- is
this possible?

Yes and no. Binds cannot chase referrals (for obvious reasons); you could do something like that by adding a "chain" overlay to Server1 and use Server1 for all operations (assuming Server1 has a superior referral pointing to Server2). The chain overlay is available since 2.2, but I've never played with it. I'm pretty sure the version that comes with 2.3 behaves as described above (in some cases you may need to use the chain overlay as a global overlay, i.e. configure it at the frontend level, before any database definition).


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