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Re: ldapsearch using dn= as the filter returns no results.

Eclipse WebMaster (Denis Roy) wrote:

> "dn=<something>" is not a valid filter because "dn" is not an attribute
> name. If you already know the DN to search for, then what you need is a
> "read", i.e. a search with base=the DN and scope="base". But this
> question is off-topic here.

That makes sense, and solves my problem, thanks.

I apologize if I was off-topic, but I believed I was on-topic by reading the description from OpenLDAP's page:

By "off topic" I mean it has nothing to do with use of OpenLDAP software; in fact, you were experiencing the same problem by using the perl client library, as far as I remember, and I'm confident you'd experience the same with any ldap client. In any case, I'm glad you solved your problem :)


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