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Re: ldapsearch using dn= as the filter returns no results.

Eclipse WebMaster (Denis Roy) wrote:


After Googling this for about an hour, I decided to post here. If I issue the following command:

$> ldapsearch -x -LLL "uid=droy"

I get:
dn: uid=droy,ou=people,dc=eclipse,dc=org
cn: Denis Roy

However, if I try a search using my DN, I can never get a result:
ldapsearch -x -LLL "dn=uid=droy,ou=people,dc=eclipse,dc=org"

I'm writing a Perl application where I have the user's DN, and need their mail address. Unfortunately, perl's ldap->search using the DN as a filter behaves the same way.

Any help or pointers on how to search for entries based on the DN would be appreciated!

"dn=<something>" is not a valid filter because "dn" is not an attribute name. If you already know the DN to search for, then what you need is a "read", i.e. a search with base=the DN and scope="base". But this question is off-topic here.


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