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Setting up logging on ilex.fr version of OpenLDAP for Windows

Hello all,

I'm running the ilex.fr version of OpenLDAP for Windows, and I would like to
be able to log the activity of the OpenLDAP server.  The documentation at
openldap.org indicates that you add a line to your slapd.conf file:
"loglevel 256".  No problem there.
However, the next step requires making changes to your syslogd.conf file.  I
can't seem to find that file anywhere.  Based on what I've turned up in my
searches on the WWW, etc. is that syslogd is a Unix feature.  What is the
Windows equivalent, if any?  More generally, does anyone know how to setup
logging in the ilex.fr version of OpenLDAP for Windows?  It came with
little|no documentation.

Thank you!

Trevor Brierly
Fulton & Associates, Inc.
10400 Eaton Place, Suite 210
Fairfax, VA  22030
703-385-2190  x231