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Re: Setting up logging on ilex.fr version of OpenLDAP for Windows

Trevor Brierly (Fulton & Associates, Inc.) wrote:

Hello all,

I'm running the ilex.fr version of OpenLDAP for Windows, and I would like to
be able to log the activity of the OpenLDAP server. The documentation at
openldap.org indicates that you add a line to your slapd.conf file:
"loglevel 256". No problem there.
However, the next step requires making changes to your syslogd.conf file. I
can't seem to find that file anywhere. Based on what I've turned up in my
searches on the WWW, etc. is that syslogd is a Unix feature. What is the
Windows equivalent, if any? More generally, does anyone know how to setup
logging in the ilex.fr version of OpenLDAP for Windows? It came with
little|no documentation.

You're probably better off asking the people who built that package about what kind of Unix compatibility options they built into it. Or if the folks at ilex.fr aren't offering you any support, you probably should use a package built by people who actually understand the code and offer professional support. (Like Symas.)

In the default OpenLDAP code, the log function on Windows is just a stub that writes to a flat file named "openldap.log" that resides in the OpenLDAP installation directory.

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