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Re: Object Class violation

Christophe.Senzot@steria.be wrote:

attr2.mod_type = "objectClass";
attr2.mod_op = LDAP_MOD_ADD;
char *objectClass_values[] = { /*"top", "certificationAuthority",
*/"cRLDistributionPoint", NULL };
attr2.mod_values = objectClass_values;

You also need to add the corresponding object classes to the entry.

I've create an other entry manually on the ldap server and when I list all
the attributes, I have this :

dn: cn=Citizen CA/200501,ou=Bel ID,dc=sria,dc=be
        attribute: cn
                value: Citizen CA/200501
        attribute: objectClass
                value: cRLDistributionPoint
                value: certificationAuthority
                value: top
        attribute: authorityRevocationList;binary
        *H÷     value: 0l0V0
        attribute: cACertificate;binary
        *H÷     value: 0Ü0Ä n#T©ËÕ½1,y[@qöÙ0
        attribute: certificateRevocationList;binary
        *H÷     value: 0®00

Looks good...

Does it mean that I have to create an attribute "objectClass" as I did in
comments ? (with this I have a "Naming violation" error)

Yes, you must add the object classes as well. Note: "objectClass" is also an attribute, and it's multi-valued.

I think my problem is because I've never defined the objectclass but I
don't know where to do that.

You don't need to define them, those object classes are defined in the core.schema.