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Re: redirect / disable logging

* Karolis Dautartas <list@public.lt> [050314 19:05]:
> hi,
> I run a mail server with open-ldap backend.
> Sometimes there is a lot of emails coming in, and ldap stops finding
> the right records. LDAP and Mail servers are on different boxes.
> The TOP program on LDAP server shows that most of the resources are
> used by syslogd, not slapd.
> in my slapd.conf I have:
> "loglevel 1"

According to the manpage a Lovlevel of "1" means, tha slapd should log
the trace of all functionscalls. That is definitly something you do
not want for a non development LDAP-Server.

Contrary to most other server-Software, OpenLDAP has _not_ a incremental
Loglevel-Setting like ( 1=warn, 2=info, 3=debug), but a
bitwise-Loglevel-Setting. Read the manpage, what type logged
Information you need.

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