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db corruption?

I got no response to my previous question regarding deleting replogs, rej logs and status files, but I believe I've figured it out through trial and error. An affirmation of those beliefs would be nice though.

I took down the master slapd and slurpd, then took down the slave slapd. I copied the .dbb files to the slave slapd, removed the .rej logs, the .status log and the .replog log. I then brought services back up. Things seemed to be ok for a while, but my DBs have drifted out of synch again.

If I run an ldapsearch on the replica for one of the affected accounts, I get no results. I try to delete the account, and I get:

ERROR: No such object
replica: ldap2.isp.net:389
time: 1110316351.0
dn: cn=user@ispcustomer.org,ou=ispcustomer.org,ou=commercial,ou=accounts,dc=isp,dc=net
changetype: delete

So then I try to add it, and I get:

ERROR: Already exists
replica: ldap2.isp.net:389
time: 1110316401.0
dn: cn=user@ispcustomer.org,ou=ispcustomer.org,ou=commercial,ou=accounts,dc=isp,dc=net
changetype: add
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: qmailuser
cn: user@ispcustomer.org
sn: user@ispcustomer.org
mail: user@ispcustomer.org
uid: user@ispcustomer.org
accountStatus: active
userPassword:: e01ENX1kT0x5MWhBNlZSYWtTV1lUMkZYYVpRPT0=
mailQuotaSize: 27648000
mailQuotaCount: 5000
mailHost: mx6.isp.net
homeDirectory: /home/users/ispcustomer.org/user
creatorsName: cn=commail,dc=isp,dc=net
createTimestamp: 20050308211321Z
modifiersName: cn=commail,dc=isp,dc=net
modifyTimestamp: 20050308211321Z

How is this possible? I can't delete it because it doesn't exist, and I can't add it because it already does?

Aaron Thoreson
Network Group
Midcontinent Communications