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Re: choosing backend for openldap

--On Saturday, March 05, 2005 4:10 PM +0300 Antuan Avdioukhine <antuan@cplus.ru> wrote:


I'm novice in OpenLDAP as well as LDAP itself. Having a task to setup
mail system totally controlled by LDAP I'd selected an openldap +
sendmail + courier. But since it will my first OpenLDAP installation I'd
found quite diffcult to choose proper backend. Futhermore, the system
will be business critical after too short testing period and changing
backend seems to be unwanted enough. Is there some references? Any helps
or links are ok. Thanks.

bdb or hdb are generally the best backends to use.

General links of use are the admin guide and the FAQ which is searchable:


I've also written up bits relating to Stanford's directory setup here, that may be of use:



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