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Re: Justification for BDB vs RDBMS

Gavin Henry wrote:

Dear all,

If you have a friend who is a highly skilled Oracle DBA with 20+ years experience, how do you convince them that bdb is a better backend choice than back-sql?

My argument was that bdb is extremely optimised for high read access.

There's a much simpler argument. BerkeleyDB is inherently more efficient than any SQL database because it is a lower-level piece of code. The fact that MySQL is implemented on top of BerkeleyDB illustrates this clearly. Why go through all of the intermediate layers that MySQL comprises to get to the DB, when we can use BDB directly...

Nobody uses back-sql for performance, they use it because they have a bunch of data already existing in an RDBMS and it is politically infeasible to migrate to something else, i.e., they have no choice. When you have the freedom to choose the best solution, you go with back-bdb.

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