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Re: Openldap version (proxy cache) - results

2. Segfault after pressing ctrl-c in a 'ldapsearch' without '-x'
specified. I run slapd with "slapd -d 64 -c slapd.conf".

There's very little info to trace this bug, but I suspect your cyrus-sasl
was built with a link to a previous version of Berkeley db that is bundled
with your system. If this is the case (just ldd libsasl2.so and the
modules) you should rebuild cyrus-sasl with Berkeley db 4.2.52 (in any
case, with the same version linked in by slapd); or, slapd is simply not
loading the same run-time libsasl2 it was built with.

That could very well be the case. I have not rebuild cyrus-sasl, but only openldap itself. Not really a problem, the ldap will not be accessible by others than localhost anyway. But should it not detect such things during ./configure ? Or make test ...