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RE: Size Limits

I tried the search with -Epr=10/prompt it returns me 10 records while
returns 12. The noprompt option does the same thing. This user can
search upto 500 records. Do I need to set anything in my slapd.conf for
limits? Something that I am missing?
Thanks for your help,

# LDAPv3
# base <ou=users,dc=oclc,dc=org> with scope sub
# filter: (objectclass=*)
# requesting: ALL
# with pagedResults critical control: size=10

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From: Pierangelo Masarati [mailto:ando@sys-net.it] 
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2005 1:22 PM
To: Parvate,Girija
Cc: openldap-software@openldap.org
Subject: RE: Size Limits

> I am running OpenLDAP 2.2.23 with Berkeley DB 4.2. I was trying to use

> the paged results search with -Epr switch on ldapsearch. If I set 
> -Epr=10/prompt I get 10 records back but it does not prompt for the 
> next results. Does this need any thing else enabled? I tried putting 
> size.pr=none size.prtotal=none in slapd.conf.

I cannot reproduce your problem; I suggest you make sure you're using
the ldapsearch command that comes with 2.2.23 and that a search without
the pagedResults control would return more than 10 entries.


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