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RE: Size Limits

There are still some bugs in the paged result code somewhere - we have several databases where it seems to be impossible to get all of the results of a search - If I set the page size, for example to 100 - sometimes I may get 5 pages, and then it responds that there are no more pages.  However, if I rerun the search, I may get more or less pages next time.  I can alter the total number of results that I can get by changing the requested page size.  Sometimes I can get as few as 1 page of results, sometimes I can get all results.  It also seems to depend on the server load to some extent - it is very random.  Seems like another case of memory getting overwritten (sometimes) before it should be.

I've been meaning to file a bug on it... But its rather hard to come up with a bug report that is reproducible, especially on a database with a small amount of data.  My most reproducible examples are on a 5 GB database, and it will fail after you have paged through maybe 50,000 records or so - out of a couple hundred thousand.