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Re: LDAPADD hangs

What version of OpenLDAP?
What OpenLDAP backend?

Answering those questions will help determine further questions & maybe some suggestions.


--On Saturday, February 26, 2005 12:44 PM +0800 "Sivasakthi d/o Sivagnanam" <sakthi@digicert.com.my> wrote:

Re-word of the last sentence:
a. Is there any other reason why it hangs ?
b. Is there any other resolutions, than the host.deny/host.allow config
which I(that is our administrator) should look at ?

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Subject: LDAPADD hangs

Dear all,

What could be the root causes on why an ldapadd command issue hangs there
for a long time ?
I faced that problem when our system went live. And we realised the
traffic was too huge. And the traffic was mostly from our internal PCs.
What I was told was that, when the other PC does a huge file download, it
searches thru the network to see which has an available resource. Since my
server is new, and has much needed resource, all these IPs were routed to
my server.

What we did next was, we went into host.deny and host.allow and managed to
block all and allow only the required IPs internally to access it. We
allowed the network box IP and our external IPs as well.

Is there anything else that could occur or I should do to avoid this
problem ?


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