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Re: Does OpenLDAP support Change Tracking/UniqueObjectIds/Zombie entries?

Hi Kurt,

I have a few follow-up questions about the UUID attribute that you
mentioned below.
1) Which is the first version of OpenLDAP in which this functionality exists?
2) Is that version available for Windows?
5) I have installed a Windows version of openLDAP version 2.8, and I
don't see any UUID attribute getting generated for entries. Is that
because 2.8 does not have that functionality?
3) Is it possible to include the "UUID" attribute in an LDIF "export"
of the directory?
4) Can queries be based on this attribute?


On Mon, 15 Nov 2004 14:24:00 -0800, Kurt D. Zeilenga <Kurt@openldap.org> wrote:
> At 11:12 AM 11/15/2004, Ali Safdar Kureishy wrote:
> >1) I'm unable to find information as to whether OpenLDAP supports LCUP
> >(LDAP Client Update Protocol) yet. There was talk of this feature in
> >the archives around 2002, but nothing since then. Could anyone tell me
> >the latest status?
> http://www.openldap.org/faq/index.cgi?file=649
> I consider RFC 3928 still born.
> >2) I'm trying to develop an application that needs a change tracking
> >feature in OpenLDAP ... what are my options?
> Well, I don't see LCUP as being a "change tracking feature".
> It was designed as an content synchronization protocol.
> OpenLDAP Software support the LDAP Sync operation
> (draft-zeilenga-ldup-sync).
> >3) Does openLDAP have any "object Id" attribute that can be used to
> >uniquely identify an object irrespective of its DN? For instance, if
> >an object moves from one place to another, is there any id field that
> >can be used to locate it? (Active Directory for instance has an
> >objectGUID attribute for this purpose).
> See entryUUID (draft-zeilenga-ldap-uuid).
> >4) Does openLDAP support "zombie/ghost" entry concept when an entry
> >gets deleted?
> No.
> Kurt