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Re: OpenLDAP - versioning/stability questions


"Richard L. Goerwitz III" <richard@goerwitz.com> writes:


> As for OpenLDAP, is there a particular version in the 2.2.x series
> that's regarded as particularly stable, and that could serve as
> the basis for a major directory installation for 18 - 24 months?
> (18-24 months is a typical lifecycle at an institution like mine.
> It's hard to maintain software that, aside from basic patching, needs
> serious work, or gets us into support problems, on anything less
> than an 18 month cycle [and even that can be tight].  This isn't
> atypical in my experience, at least in higher ed.)

This depends on your requirements. If you don't need syncrepl and
proxyauthentication by back-ldap nor any overlays, and if you don't
care about any vulnerabilities, and if you want to stick with
BerkeleyDB 4.2.52, I would say 2.2.18 is rock stable, at least on my
systems, otherwise I would go for 2.2.23.


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