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OpenLDAP - versioning/stability questions

The two main Linux distros, SUSE and RedHat, are shipping OpenLDAP.
In the case of RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.0 (recently announced and
now available for download), OpenLDAP 2.2.13 is being used.

I wonder if anyone here can comment on this decision.

For example, is 2.2.13 particularly stable?  Or is this simply the
the most recent stable version was when RHEL 4.0 went beta or when
they had a version freeze on software going into that release?

Anyone know?

As for OpenLDAP, is there a particular version in the 2.2.x series
that's regarded as particularly stable, and that could serve as
the basis for a major directory installation for 18 - 24 months?

(18-24 months is a typical lifecycle at an institution like mine.
It's hard to maintain software that, aside from basic patching, needs
serious work, or gets us into support problems, on anything less
than an 18 month cycle [and even that can be tight].  This isn't
atypical in my experience, at least in higher ed.)


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