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Re: back_meta: adding attribute to search result

Aidas Kasparas wrote:


Is it possible to add an attribute to the result of search operation, which would depend on server from which entry was received? If possible, how?

An example:
Suppose I have configuration like this:

database    meta
suffix    "dc=mail"

uri    "ldap://example.org/dc=org";
suffixmassage "ou=org,dc=mail" "O=org"

uri    "ldap://example.com/dc=com";
suffixmassage "ou=com,dc=mail" "O=com"

I would like to achieve that every entry provided by example.org server have extra attribute "mailhost: smtp.example.org" and every entry provided by example.com have extra attribute "mailhost: mail.example.com". Adding such attributes to primary ldap servers is not an option.

Not out of the box, and this is by design: back-ldap/back-meta are designed to provide simple naming context virtualization by default, while the rewrite/remap capability gives further mucking capabilities but on DNs only. You need to write an overlay that mucks with searchEntry intermediate results; I'm not sure you can easily get that info - that is, who returned the entry, unless the entry's content can help you.


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