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login/passwd not crypted


With Ethereal I noticed that LDAP login/passwd are not crypted while I defined
TLS in sldap.conf

+ TLSCACertificateFile /usr/lib/ssl/mon_AC/private/mon_AC.crt
+ TLSCertificateFile /usr/lib/ssl/mon_AC/certs/server_signed.pem
+ TLSCertificateKeyFile /usr/lib/ssl/mon_AC/private/server_tls.pem
+ TLSVerifyClient never
+ TLSCipherSuite 3DES :DES :HIGH

I use the IMP4 webmail with Apache2/SSL and Cyrus-IMAP (imaps/993) authenticates
users via LDAP.

O'REILLY OpenLDAP book tells to configure TLS on port 389 and not LDAPS/636 so I
did it but nothing is crypted.

I specify that all TCP traffic is on lo/389 and there is nothing on eth0/389
All my servers are on the same machine: postfix, cyrus, apache, ldap

I noticed this:

eth0/993 => No traffic (imaps)
eth0/389 => No traffic (ldap)
ethO/443 => Crypted traffic (https)
lo/993 => Crypted traffic (imaps)
lo/389 => Clear traffic (ldap)

What can I do to have crypted login/passwd to lo/389 ?

Thank you for your help


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