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Re: index_param failed on uniqueMember ?

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> Are you sure you rebuild it correctly? And, more importantly,
> installed it over the old copy?

I'm pretty sure I did it correctly (unless I misunderstood the
debian process :-(

# remove installed version of libnss-ldap
apt-get remove libnss-ldap
dpkg --purge libnss-ldap

# get source of libnss-ldap
apt-get -t unstable source libnss-ldap

# disable rfc2307bis
vi debian/rules --> then change --enable-rfc2307bis to

# then install the package
dpkg -i *.deb

Those steps *should* remove libnss-ldap support for rfc2307bis,
but the same error message still occurs.

I guess the best way at this point is to install the newest
stable version of openldap (2.2.23) but I´ll need to make the
debian package by self which usually involves /lots/ of hard

Thanks to everyone!

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