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Re: problem with openldap-2.0.27 - unsupported btree version 9

hello list!

quanah, thanks for your quick response. sorry to say, i had much work to do and could not answer any earlier.

we're running fedora core 3 and openldap-2.0.27 (i can't upgrade due to
limitations in the design of our underlying application). we are working
with an official fedora-rpm-installation. when i try to initialize the
database using a ldif-file, i am running into trouble (ldbm =>
unsupported btree version: 9).

I would guess that it is having a conflict with BDB software releases. You don't list what version(s) of BDB are installed on your box.

i have investigated the source of bdb and found out that this is definately a bdb error-message. but accordingly to the code, the version of bdb we're using can handle version9-btrees.

to answer your question - this is version 4.2.56 of bdb:
# rpm -qa | grep db4

as this is a production machine and several applications rely on it, i have not dared to leave all dependencies aside and upgrade the package anyway. shall i do so?

Since you are using an "official fedora" installation, perhaps you best contact RedHat. OpenLDAP 2.0.x has been deprecated for a few years now. I would seriously advise fixing your underlying application so you can upgrade off of 2.0.x. ;)

so thought i, but my co-developer is real serious about this version. perhaps we can negotiate this again in the near future. ;)

thanks in advance.

christian stottmeister
http://www.stottmeister.com - http://www.mainframe8.com