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RE: index_param failed on uniqueMember ?

--On Thursday, February 10, 2005 8:25 PM -0800 Eddy Tan <eddy_hs@yahoo.com> wrote:

Feb 11 14:35:41 slapd[23900]: conn=12 op=2 SRCH
Feb 11 14:35:41 slapd[23900]: conn=12 op=2 SRCH attr=gidNumber
Feb 11 14:35:41 slapd[23900]: <= bdb_equality_candidates:
(uniqueMember) index_param failed (18)

I knew one difference is that u r using OpenLDAP 2.1.X, most
of the discussions are based on 2.2.X.

Yup, thatÂs the obvious difference, but it'll less likely be possible for me to upgrade to 2.2.X at least until debian has its package.

Why don't you just build your own OpenLDAP 2.2 install separate from the debian install. Debian is never going to be as up to date as you'll need it to run a directory service.


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