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RE: index_param failed on uniqueMember ?

--- "Tay, Gary" <Gary_Tay@platts.com> wrote:

> Hv u tried? i.e. adding "index uniqueMember pres" to
> slapd.conf, restart slapd, run "slapindex".
> If u don't try, why are u so sure it won't work?
> Gary

Hi Gary,

Yep, I´ve tried it in the first place before replying.
I knew there´s a discussion regarding it some time last month
which  worked for other person, but not in my case (and sadly
I´ve no idea why).

After adding ¨index uniqueMember pres¨ into slapd.conf and
re-run slapindex, it still gets the same error message.

I have double checked on my ldap entries too and surely there´s
no duplication with either /etc/passwd or /etc/group


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