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Re: Open LDAP library for WIN Client

At 07:50 AM 2/10/2005, Dr. Volker Zell wrote:
>>>>> Sangita Mohan writes:

    > Sorry, I am not exactly familiar with Cygwin or even LDAP for that
    > matter. Please excuse me if I have too many questions. I tried the
    > following and am basically stuck.

    > I tried getting OpenLDAP via Cygwin as you suggested and landed up a
    > lib directory that has
    > libladp.dll.a
    > liblday_r.dll.a and so on.

    > There were no .dll files, instead I got a bunch of .dll.a and .a
    > files. I haven't encountered any WIN library files with a .dll.a
    > extension and they do not open up using Visual Studio either. Is there
    > something I am missing out here. Should I simply use the \lib and the
    > \usr\include directories as my client library?

   > Can someone please give me some more details on how to get only  the
    > OpenLDAP client library for Windows. I need to do LDAP authentication
    > in my client either over SSL or using Kerebros, whichever is easier.

    > Any help is appreciated.

>From your mail I conclude that the cygwin versions of the libraries is
not what you want. But to find out what cygwin is for, check the
following URL:


Thanks much for the help. I managed to locate the OpenLDAP client library for WIN using Cygwin. I found the following DLLs in the bin folder


I guess the above DLLs should make up the client library. Should I include the cygwin.dll also to my client library or would the above DLLs suffice?


In addition to the DLLs mentioned above, the bin directory also contained the above files. When I ran the openssl.exe, it asked for the cygwin1.dll and failed to launch. Can you please explain what I need to with the above files?

Also I have to authenticate the client over SSL or Kerebros whichever works easier. My understanding is that the client library that I have downloaded is compiled with both SSL and Kerebros support since I see the ssl and sasl dlls. Could you point me to any documentation on which API to use for authentication.

Thanks much for your patience.