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Re: Transaction Support in OpenLdap

At 11:38 AM 2/7/2005, Gaurav Khanna wrote:
>In the road map, there is a mention of transaction support for OpenLDAP. when is it due?

There are no due dates.  If and when it becomes available, the
Project will consider it for inclusion in OpenLDAP Software.

Presently, it's not being actively developed (as far as I know).
Updating the LDAP Transaction specification is on my long list to
do, but no where near the top of that list.   Those interested
in specifying and/or coding this should feel free to jump on

>Is there a beta version that we can use? 


>Where is the API located to interact with OpenLDAP to avail of the transaction support? 

Well, I presume one can use any decent LDAP API to make use
of LDAP Transactions (since LDAP Transactions will utilize
standard extension mechanisms).

>Can JNDI be utilized for this purpose?

I have no idea whether JNDI is a decent LDAP API (e.g., supports
standard extension mechanism), but someone on a JNDI list
likely does.