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ldap backup data bases?

LDAP experts,
We are in the beginning stages of getting an Openldap server up and running on Debian. So far it has been rather successful in that we can get most clients to work with it. However, we occasionally need to make changes using ldapmodify to correct certain entries. This works fine and everything tests out ok. But when we come back to the project a few days later, we find sometimes that the ldap database has reverted back to the way it was before the changes. Hence, we have to perform those ldapmodify commands again. My question is what might cause this scenario? Does openldap revert back to a backup version if the current version gets corrupt for some reason? Might playing around with ACL's have caused that to happen? While its not important while I am testing, I want to make sure that changes I make remain stable when I go live at some point. Any thoughts on what might cause an ldap database to revert back to a previous status is much appreciated.

Tim Tyler
Network Engineer - Beloit College