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Re: updateref Help

>>>>> "Javier" == Javier Jiménez Díaz <jijimenez@sgi.es> writes:

    Javier> Hi, I have two ldap server (openLDAP 2.1.9) configured as
    Javier> master-slave for replication. When the master make any
    Javier> modification everything works fine but when the slave make
    Javier> the modification my client (ldap browser 2.8.1) received
    Javier> fail notification. My sldap.conf files are:

That's the point. Only the master is/should be allowed to update the slave.

If you'd like to have the possibility to update ANY of your servers, and
this change should migrate to ALL your server, then you want _multimaster_.

However, this is (extreamly?) experimental. At least that's what people
(i.e. the developers! :) is saying...