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Re: Migration ..... subtree wth passwd

Thanks to all.

You are rite there, unfortunately I don't have any test machines available
to test it on. It may take weeks to get them ;(
These questions were running thru my mind and with no machine to try on,
thought I could ask the community.
At least I'll be better prepared, however, I do apologise for taking up yr
time. Appreciate all yr responses.

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On Feb 2, 2005, at 12:28, Sivasakthi d/o Sivagnanam wrote:
> The userpassword that was encrypted would there be any problems should
> i use
> it on a new LINUX machine with a new version of RedHat Linux and
> Openldap
> running ? Logically is shouldn't but if you have any word of caution
> would
> appreciate it.

No there should not be any problems.

I hope you realize that asking these questions cost you way more time
than just *going and trying it out for yourself*. Please do that and
come back if there are specific problems.