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Migration ..... subtree wth passwd

Hi Jens,

Do I do that like so:-
1. Master LINUX : slapcat > Mcomp.ldif
2. Slave LINUX: slapcat > Scomp.ldif
3. New Master LINUX: slapadd -l Mcomp.ldif
4. New Slave LINUX: slapadd -l Scomp.ldif

or is step 2 & 4 irrelevant as the configuration in slapd master would
ensure the slave is updated automatically ?

Next question in relation to migration as well, say I have 3 sub-tree
......... but one sub-tree can only be accessed by user entries under this
sub-tree with password. In the old machine, i used ldappasswd to set the
entries under that sub-tree. So do i do the same once the slapadd action is
complete ?