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Re: Migration

Hi Samuel/Howard/Jeff,
Thank you for all yr suggestions. Appreciate it.

just a thought.

say if i have 2 diff linux machine. I've installed the latest openldap
version installed. I've configured the schema(on both the new linux machine)
to be similar to that of the current 2.16 linux machines.

Next, for the master machine, I copy over all the files under /var/lib/ldap
which houses all the database files and copy them to the new machine.
I do the same for the slave as well.
Will that work ?


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Samuel Tran wrote:

>5. Do a "slapadd" of the dumpfile on server running 2.2.23
>6. Do a "slapindex" on server runninng 2.2.23
slapindex is not needed here, slapadd already performs any necessary

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