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Re: Migration


What are the schema files/objectclasses/attributes you are using in 2.1.6?

Here is a basic procedure:

1. Make sure the objectclasses/attributes you are using in 2.1.6 are
included in 2.2.23 schema files and are properly defined for them as some
schema files may have changed.

2. Do a "slapcat" of your 2.1.6 tree to get a dumpfile

3. Install 2.2.23 on another server and configure slapd.conf to use BDB

4. Configure DB_CONFIG file

5. Do a "slapadd" of the dumpfile on server running 2.2.23

6. Do a "slapindex" on server runninng 2.2.23

Step 1 takes the most time.


> I have 2 machines running them. One housing the master and the other the
> slave.
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>   From: Sivasakthi d/o Sivagnanam
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>   Sent: Wednesday, February 02, 2005 10:33 AM
>   Subject: Migration
>   Hi,
>   If I have openldap v2.16 running on my RedHat LINUX and wanted to
> upgrade to the last version of openldap.
>   How do I do the migration without corrupting my database housing my
> entries (database=ldbm)
>   .sakthi