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big value in attribute

Title: big value in attribute


We are running a Redhat linux based OpenLdap (Berkeley db) server for storing digital certificates for our PKI. It also stores the PKI's CRL (certificate revocation list) in an attribute. The problem is that the CRL is growing several kilobytes bigger every month . Currently it's about 2 Megabytes. Last week we had a network problem which caused clients to request the CRL from the OpenLdap server (it functions as a backup mechanisme, first clients try to receive the CRL from a webserver, if that fails they try LDAP). The LDAP server couldn't handle this load and dropped LDAP requests. Obviously I need to investigate the specifics behind the problem, like memory, bandwith etc in more detail, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with serving up files of this size from OpenLdap and if he/she could advise if it should be done or not.



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