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I've yet to view the client's tables in SQL7.0 database. But i need to
convert them into a LDIF Format and then manually perform ldapmodify/ldapadd
to import those data over to OpenLDAP. That was my first thought.

Let's say my database is Berkeley. All my other tree data is sitting in
Berkeley, master and slave points to 2 instances of it.
I thought of maintaining the sql7 and allow the ldapsearch to query and the
configuration of the slapd would be intelligent enough to re-direct between
Berkeley and SQL7 ? Does this make sense ? How can one do this ?
My SQL7 is sitting in a diff machine as well.

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Subject: SQL7 -> LDIF

Let's say we have a client who has lost all their ldap entries. Now the only
source where we have the data is in the SQL 7 table(s).
Is there any tool that can construct those data into LDIF Format so that we
can import it to the LDAP ?
Oracle has SQL*Loader where we could do that. How abt SQL 7 ?