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cache size options

i have a directory with about 9,000 people. all of the *.bdb files in my data directory total to about 25 MB. the id2entry.bdb file is 12 MB, and the dn2id.bdb file is 1.6 MB. the directory is currently on a test machine but i will be moving it to a system with a 2.8 GHz P4 and 1 GB of RAM. the server will be used for authentication for our mail server among other things, and so it's very important that it be configured optimally.

what value should i use for the chachesize directive in my slapd.conf? i've read that it should be equal to the number of entries you have. would each person count as one entry or does each attribute count as one entry? it seems like 10000 would be a safe number if each person counts as one entry, or should i use something more like 20000 to account for additional entries in the future?

what values should i use for the set_cachesize directive in my DB_CONFIG file? all of the documentation i've found on this value seems to be a bit more confusing.