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OpenLDAP schema map

I have created a Compendium map of all of the OpenLDAP schemas (even the java.schema).

The map visually links together all of the Attributes, Object Clases, Syntax references and other definition tags.
It also includes the text of the RFCs that I have found relating to LDAP(there may be more).

I did it a way to better understand the OpenLDAP ObjectClasses in order to do a better job of extending it to add the things that I need.
It shows you what ObjectClasses are already defined and it also tells you which ObjectClasses an Attribute appears it.
Each Attribute has a visual representation showing its properties and the Syntax types are all linked to the www page with the official description.
In preparing this, I found a few anomolies in the schema files (one ObjectClass with "description" both MUST and MAY, several undefined syntaxes in use, unused attributes)

I would be happy to share this with anyone who is interested. You will need to install Compendium to use it. The data is stored in MySQL by Compendium so you will also need to get that installed as well. It is all free and Compendium is a very useful tool on its own. (compendiuminstitute.org, mysql.com)

I will now make a branch of this document to add in the Attributes and ObjectClasses that I need for my application. I am hoping that this document will assist me in using the existing Attributes and Syntaxes correctly and as fully as possible in my new entities. I also hope to avoid creating redundant ObjectClasses.