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Re: Slapindex not working?

At 08:08 PM 1/19/2005, Dave Horsfall wrote:
>Using Ryan Matteson's cool "ldap-stats.pl" script, I discovered I had an 
>unindexed attribute "uid".  So, I update slapd.conf and run slapindex, yet 
>I'm still seeing these in the log:
>Jan 20 14:38:34 guido slapd[56151]: <= bdb_substring_candidates: (uid) 
>index_param failed (18)

It's likely just complaining about your Undefined filter.
The 'uid' attribute has no substrings matching rule.

>ldapsearch -C -v -LLL -H "$LDAPURI" "(&(objectClass=ciEmployee)(uid=dave*))" \
>        dn uid cn sn telephoneNumber