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Re: Checkpoint command not working in slapd.conf?

Here is the relevant post, since you didn't find it.

Dave Horsfall wrote:

On Mon, 17 Jan 2005, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

What dumb thing have I done (or not done)?

Nothing, but if you read the list regularly, this issue has been discussed
several times this month. You need to add a checkpoint cron job or something
similar until 2.3 is released.

Hmmm... Must've missed that somehow. Anyway, my reading of the source code shows this:


   if( rs->sr_err == LDAP_SUCCESS && bdb->bi_txn_cp ) {
               TXN_CHECKPOINT( bdb->bi_dbenv,
                       bdb->bi_txn_cp_kbyte, bdb->bi_txn_cp_min, 0 );

TXN_CHECKPOINT() is a macro for (env)->txn_checkpoint(env, k, m, f)

which appears to imply that slapd calls the checkpoint function itself after any update (and config.c bdb_db_config() seems to load up the checkpoint parameters), hence an external cron job is not necessary?

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