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Re: http://www.nldap.com/

The OpenLDAP Project has zero to do with www.nldap.com.
Any problems you have with it should be reported to
Novell, not the OpenLDAP Project.

Questions ***specific*** to JLDAP, which is OpenLDAP Software,
are welcomed here.

As far as a test server goes, ldap.openldap.org is generally


At 09:53 AM 1/14/2005, John Windberg wrote:
>I have downloaded jldap from Novell, and I'm trying to
>get a minimal example working so I can start figuring
>this stuff out.
>I tried creating an account on http://www.nldap.com/
>and was given a password, but I cannot even connect
>using the ftp services test site with the given
>context and password.
>FTP://[eDirectory Login Context]@nldap.com
>It just keeps asking for the password over and over
>Anyone know what's up with www.nldap.com or if there
>is another available test server of some sort so I can
>get started?