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Re: OT: Please help debuging problems with smba3

At 01:44 AM 1/13/2005, Harry Rüter wrote:
>>>So, i'm trying to find out what's wrong in the samba-code,
>>>and i set some DEBUG statements in the smaba-sources.
>>Have you verified that the operations you think the code
>>is performing can be performed using OpenLDAP command line
>Yes, ldapsearch with simpleauth works (and should work in samba but doesn't, that's the problem).

The Samba folks should be able to help you translate your
success with ldapsearch to a proper samba configuration.
So here we can (and should) just focus on your questions
about to the behavior of OpenLDAP Software, namely -lldap.

>>>Now i wanna know, what's in  ldap_struct,
>>>but i can't find the type-definition of this struct.
>>It's opaque by design.
>Sorry, i'm not a professional programmer,
>what does this terminus mean ?

It means that the particulars of the structure are not
exposed to the application.

>>>So, and here's my request,
>>>could someone send the definition of this struct,
>>>so i can use it in further debug-statements.
>>You can look in the internal headers for its definition.
>Yes, in openldap-2.2.20/include/ldap.h i found:
>typedef struct ldap LDAP;

ldap.h is the public header.

>But where's the struct,
>couldn't find the "real" struct ...

It's in the internal header,