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OT: Please help debuging problems with smba3

Hi list,

i'm having serious problems configuring
Samba-3.0.10 as PDC together with openldap 2.2.20.

Sure this has obviously nothing to do with
openldap itself, as this - i think - works well.

So, i'm trying to find out what's wrong in the samba-code,
and i set some DEBUG statements in the smaba-sources.

The code i'm working with is (sorry, wrapped because of the mailer):
rc = ldap_simple_bind_s(ldap_struct, ldap_dn, ldap_secret);

if (rc != LDAP_SUCCESS)
char *ld_error = NULL;
ldap_get_option(ldap_state->ldap_struct, LDAP_OPT_ERROR_STRING,
DEBUG(ldap_state->num_failures ? 2 : 0,
("failed to bind to server with dn= %s Error:%s\n\t%s\n",
ldap_dn ? ldap_dn : "(unknown)", ldap_err2string(rc),
ld_error ? ld_error : "(unknown)"));
DEBUG(0, ("smbldap_connect_system ERROR: rc=%d\"\n",rc));
return rc;

It shows the following terminal-output
when testing the nonworking program :

failed to bind to server with dn= cn=ldapmanager,dc=hrnet,dc=de Error: Can't contact LDAP server
smbldap_connect_system ERROR: rc=-1"

Error = -1 means, the LDAP-server is down,
which is not true, as tests with ldapsearch

So i try to find out the reason why the call
rc = ldap_simple_bind_s(ldap_struct, ldap_dn, ldap_secret);
doesn't work.

I made debuging statements which showed that
ldap_dn = cn=ldapmanager,dc=hrnet,dc=de
ldap_secret = secret
which is correct.

Now i wanna know, what's in  ldap_struct,
but i can't find the type-definition of this struct.

So, and here's my request,
could someone send the definition of this struct,
so i can use it in further debug-statements.

greets Harry