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Re: OT: Please help debuging problems with smba3


Buchan Milne schrieb:
Harry Rüter wrote:
| Hi list,
| i'm having serious problems configuring
| Samba-3.0.10 as PDC together with openldap 2.2.20.

I have no problems here, although this setup was originally configured
with samba-3.0.2a and OpenLDAP-2.1.25 or so.

| Sure this has obviously nothing to do with | openldap itself, as this - i think - works well. | | So, i'm trying to find out what's wrong in the samba-code,

You seem to assume there is something wrong with the samba code, without
~ telling us what you think is wrong, or providing any information on
your configuration of either OpenLDAP or samba ...

Yes it must be something wrong with samba, openldap is installed well, tests with ldapsearch -x showed no problems.

Samba isn't trying to connect to ldap,
so i wanna have a look into the sources ...

greets Harry