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ldbm and deref aliases


i have the following problem (displayed in a simple example)

|- ou=People
|      |
|      |- uid=tom
|      |- uid= jerry
|- ou=Groups
|      |
|      |- uid=group1
|      |         |
|      |         |- uid= tom (objectClass=alias)
|      |         |- uid= group2 (objectClass=alias)
|      |
|      |- uid=group2  
|      |         |- uid= jerry(objectClass=alias)

In the ou=people tree are all persons in a given company. They are
organized in groups listed in the ou=groups tree stored as aliases to
the ou=people tree. 

if i search all members of uid=group1 i want to find tom and jerry

the problem now is, if i want all members of a group ( including the
members of the subgroups) all members of the subgroups are not found. 

i search with scope= sub and LDAP_DEREF_ALWAYS. i also set maxderefdepth
in slapd.conf to 50 cause i thought this was the problem. but this also
doesn't work. 

is there a way to get this to work ? 

Christian Gellweiler <gelli@mindblast.info>