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Re: Problem doing add/update/delete using LDAP referral

Florian Preuß wrote:

Hi Pierangelo,

that sounds strange. I've done the replication step by step with "LDAP -
System Administration by O'Reilly" and there stands nothing about that you
have to write your own client to use this feature. Isn't there any
possibility to get this working like I want?

Apparently you did everything correctly, and your system appears to behave as intended: if you try to update a slave, you get a referral. OpenLDAP clients cannot automatically chase referrals, but the API allows to write clients that do. In detail, you can use the ldap_set_rebind_proc() to instruct the client as how to rebind to the referred DSA. Other solutions strictly using OpenLDAP tools are purely academic at the moment (i.e. not released yet).


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