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Re: Problem doing add/update/delete using LDAP referral

Hi Pierangelo,

that sounds strange. I've done the replication step by step with "LDAP -
System Administration by O'Reilly" and there stands nothing about that you
have to write your own client to use this feature. Isn't there any
possibility to get this working like I want?

> Florian Preuß wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >i got the master side replication working. Now what I want next is that i
> >can send an update request to the Slave LDAP, which uses the referral for
> >modifying the LDAP database but it doesn't work.
> >
> That's the intended behavior.  You cannot perform that operation using 
> ldapmodify or any of the update tools.  You need to implement your own 
> client with internal referral chase cpabilities, i.e. set some rebind 
> procedure via ldap_set_rebind_proc(), or chase the referral, i.e. parse 
> the URL and connect to the referred server appropriately.  The 
> impossibility to define in general what's appropriate led to this choice.
> p.
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