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Re: error: unknown directive "dbcachesize" inside backend database definition

B M wrote:

i'm running OpenLDAP 2.2.17 and Berkeley DB, and am getting this error in my slapd.conf:

unknown directive "dbcachesize" inside backend database definition

isn't dbcachesize a backend database directive? i googled this error and found nothing. while doing some reasearch, i came across the following page:


it makes no mention of the dbcachesize directive, although it does mention the cachesize directive (which i'm using as well and appears to be recognized by slapd). instead, it mentions a DB_CONFIG file where it looks like i can put a separate set_cachesize parameter in that will apply to the DB backend.

is dbcachesize an obsolete option? should i be using a DB_CONFIG file instead? if so, what other options might i need to include in my DB_CONFIG file?

If it's not in the man page then it's not a legal keyword.


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