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Re: error: unknown directive "dbcachesize" inside backend database definition

--On Tuesday, January 11, 2005 8:21 PM +0000 B M <bobtuffet@hotmail.com> wrote:

i'm running OpenLDAP 2.2.17 and Berkeley DB, and am getting this
error in my slapd.conf:

unknown directive "dbcachesize" inside backend database definition

isn't dbcachesize a backend database directive?  i googled this error and
found nothing.  while doing some reasearch, i came across the following


it makes no mention of the dbcachesize directive, although it does
mention the cachesize directive (which i'm using as well and appears to
be recognized by slapd).  instead, it mentions a DB_CONFIG file where it
looks like i can put a separate set_cachesize parameter in that will
apply to the DB backend.

is dbcachesize an obsolete option?  should i be using a DB_CONFIG file
instead?  if so, what other options might i need to include in my

I suggest you read "man slapd-bdb".

dbcachesize is an option for "slapd-ldbm", a rather old DB backend, to which BDB is preferred.

And yes, you need to properly configure your DB_CONFIG file.




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