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Re: Subordinate Referrals redundant? [auf Viren überprüft]

Ron Wheeler schrieb das Folgende am 06.01.2005 16:31:

You might also want to post this on LDAP-interop@fini.net which is more oriented towards these types of questions.
"The FINI LDAP Interoperability list is a list for discussing issues of making LDAP work in a multivendor world. Generally we have an open source bent and are familiar with OpenLDAP on the server side, but you're welcome to ask questions regarding proprietary LDAP servers or clients."
Thanks for this advice.

You might get a very good answer in the OpenLDAP forum or you might get ignored as being off topic since this is forum has a very narrow focus on OpenLDAP technical issues.
LDAP-interop is much more open to thoeretical questions and design issues
If there ist no answer to my question, this question may be theoretical. :-)
If it is realizable with OpenLDAP - OpenLDAP should be installed on all the LDAP-servers - a possible configuration is much more a practical OpenLDAP related question.